Fair Administration

All Hebron Harvest Fair Officers and Superintendents
can be contacted by writing to:

"Name of Officer or Superintendent"
c/o Hebron Harvest Fair
347 Gilead St
Hebron, CT 06248

2013 Fair Officers
Fair Superintendent Adam Miclette  
General Manager Robert Carter  
Assistant Fair Superintendent Peter Fleig  
Assistant Fair Superintendent Michael Tarbell  
Assistant Fair Superintendent    
Senior Advisor John Johnson Jr  
Senior Advisor Steve Beauchene, VMD  
Senior Advisor Robert Schadtle  
Secretary Deb Miclette  
Treasurer Brenda Johnson
Departments Superintendent Assistant Superintendent
Admissions - Ticket Sales Valerie Shorts Peter Fleig
Admissions - Greeters Valerie Shorts Michael Tarbell
Admissions - Ticket Takers USA Security John Smith
Animal Exhibits Steve Beauchene, VMD Don Spragg
Animal Pull Ring Tom Bober  
Antique Farm Display Betty Dove Ed Hodge / Chip Dove
Arts & Crafts Mary Schadtle Stella Kalhok
Audit Team Steve Beauchene, VMD Brenda Johnson
Back Office Brenda Johnson Valerie Shorts
Beverages Cody Porter  
Camper Parking Steve Reid  
Carnival Robert Schadtle John Johnson Jr
Communications Marian Severn Richard Spadarzewski
Concessions Manager Robert Carter  
Electrical Richard Dumas Mike Kozyra
Entertainment Don David Adam Miclette / Chuck Costello
Environment / Waste Management Carl Zirkenbach Marty Kalhok / John Flahive
Family Edutainment Area Richard Griswold Marian Severn / Ken Bain
Farmers Cow Country Showdown Chuck Costello  
Group Sales John Johnson Jr  
Grounds Bob Schadtle John Johnson Sr / Don Spragg
Hebron Lions Food Booth Richard Spadarzewski Curt Plander / Robert Lee / Russel Tait
Horseshoe Tournaments Mickey Groshart  
Horse Show Ring Marty Kalhok Carol Dove / Chip Dove
Information Booth Bernice Barrasso Brian Castler
Information Technology John Johnson Jr Don David
Juried Artisan & Craft Tent Lee Anderson Arlene Snyder
Marketing Steve Beauchene, VMD  
Mechanical Pull Ring Ed Hodge  
Parking Chris Snow Greg Tew
Parking Shuttles Joe Krist Robert Musson
Parking Collections Peter Fleig John Smith
Public Relations John Johnson Jr Robert Carter
Ribbons / Trophies Betty Dove  
Second Graders Deb Miclette  
Security John Soderberg  
Signs Peter Fleig William Levy
Telephone Switchboard Cathy Gerke  
Ticket Sales / Distribution John Soderberg John Johnson Jr.
Volunteers Arlene Snyder   
Website John Johnson Jr. Don David  /  Adam Miclette


Animal Superintendents
Dairy and Beef Jackie Shutsky / Jodi Osowski
Dairy Goats Niki Babin Carey
Poultry, Rabbits, and Pets Hedwing Porto
Sheep Lara Sullivan
Swine Annie Rathbun


Past Fair Superintendents
2012 John Johnson Jr. 1991 Philip Bradley
2011 John Johnson Jr. 1990 Bill Garrison
2010 John Johnson Jr. 1989 Michael MacBryde
2009 Steve Beauchene, VMD 1988 Michael MacBryde
2008 Steve Beauchene, VMD 1987 Ernest Reed
2007 Robert Lee 1986 Ernest Reed
2006 Robert Lee 1985 Bruce MacBryde
2005 Bob Schadtle 1984 Bruce MacBryde
2004 Bob Schadtle 1983 Charles Barrasso
2003 Don David 1982 Bruce MacBryde
2002 Don David 1981 Ernest Reed
2001 Richard Spadarzewski 1980 Bruce MacBryde
2000 Richard Spadarzewski 1979 Ernest Reed
1999 Betty Dove 1978 Ramon Campbell
1998 Betty Dove 1977 Leo Tierney
1997 Donald Spragg 1976 Leo Tierney
1996 Donald Spragg 1975 Wilbur Dennis
1995 Norman Dorval 1974 Wilbur Dennis
1994 Norman Dorval 1973 Wilbur Dennis
1993 Aaron "Steve" Reid 1972 Wilbur Dennis
1992 Peter Cafazzo 1971 Wilbur Dennis


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